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Optimize Your Recovery Time With SHE REX

SHE REX recovery bands made in the USA and available all around the country, have revolutionized the way in which people heal from breast, chest or shoulder surgery. Made in the U.S.A., our arm movement bands are an effective and affordable product that has helped countless people recover with efficiency, strength, and tenacity. Recovery from surgery can be a difficult time both physically and emotionally; our wearable bands are designed to provide not just the physical support but also the emotional encouragement to help you recover strong.

cancer survivor

A Post-Op Recovery Band To Help You Stay Active

SHE REX provides post-op recovery bands made in the USA and available to help ease the journey back to recovery. These wearable bands comfortably remind you to keep your arms from overreaching, avoiding the painful movements that hinder your recovery. They are ideal for use following mastectomies, augmentations, and other surgical chest and shoulder procedures. Created by Kelli Beckish, a successful entrepreneur, textile manufacturer, and recovering breast cancer patient, the product is designed to make the healing process much more efficient.

For Those Going Through It, From Someone Who’s Survived It

Kelli Beckish, a Colorado-based entrepreneur, product engineer, mother of four, and breast cancer survivor, had undergone a double mastectomy and decided to design a product that would comfortably limit her arm movement. As a result, the SHE REX recovery band was introduced to the United States. Since its official launch in June 2020, her ingeniously designed arm band has received recognition and is gaining momentum as an essential recovery product in the medical device industry for both men and women. The band will give people a fighting chance to heal correctly and go about their everyday lives with confidence. As of 2023, the She Rex recovery band is now patented.

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