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She Rex Is a Patented, Woman-Owned Company

Our mission is to ease the challenges faced post-op during recovery from mastectomies, augmentations, reductions and other breast surgeries.

Breast Cancer
Breast Augmentation/Reduction

Recover Strong With the She Rex Band

SHE REX provides post-op recovery bands made in the USA and helps ease the journey back to recovery. Our arm movement bands facilitate the security you want – and need – to stay active while in recovery while adhering to the physical limitations as instructed by your doctor. You’ll be able to adjust the buckles for a custom fit per user. It allows for soft movements within a safe range of mobility, can be worn under your clothing. It is a gender-neutral adjustable strap available in many sizes that help avoid painful motions during post-op recovery from:

  • Mastectomies
  • Breast Augmentations and Reductions
  • Heart and Chest Surgeries
  • Shoulder Surgeries
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Needing Strength and Tenacity Is Universal

You are stronger than you know, and sometimes building that strength means a commitment to recovery. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself more easily while going about your ongoing activities. Focus on the things most important to you without worrying about accidentally overextending a motion. That’s what SHE REX is all about, seamlessly and comfortably integrating into your daily routine – gently reminding you to keep movements within the best range for optimal recovery.

mom-daughter wearing recover tee

SHE REX – Helping People Recover Strong

SHE REX is available to help not only breast cancer patients, but also for those who’ve undergone augmentation, reduction, shoulder surgeries, or other orthopedic procedures.

For Those Going Through It, From Someone Surviving it

Kelli Beckish struggled to limit the movement of her arms while undergoing treatment and recovering from a double mastectomy. Her plastic surgeon and oncologist cautioned her to let herself heal. But as a highly active business owner, mom, athlete, and adventurer, Kelli needed a way to stay active while adhering to a reduction in arm movement. Kelli has created and manufactured textiles her entire life, so she turned to what she knew best – she crafted an extraordinarily simple yet truly ingenious new product for those recovering from surgical procedures to keep their movements limited to a safe range. Kelli dubbed the product SHE REX due to the way the limited movements make the user look a bit like the mighty dinosaur with short arms.

Gold Patent Seal

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