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breast cancer survivor

For Those Going Through It, From Someone Surviving It

“Kelli, you have to let yourself heal,” her plastic surgeon and oncologist cautioned. But as an extremely active business owner, mom, athlete, and adventurer, Kelli Beckish struggled to limit the movement of her arms while undergoing treatment and recovering from a double mastectomy. As someone who has created and manufactured textiles her entire life, Kelli turned to what she knew. She crafted an extraordinarily simple but truly ingenious new product to help those recovering keep their movements limited to the safe range. She dubbed the product SHE REX due to the way the limited movements make the user look a bit like the mighty dinosaur with short arms. Since then, physical therapists and clinicians around the country have promoted the product, not only for breast cancer patients but also for those who’ve undergone augmentation, reduction, shoulder surgeries, or other orthopedic procedures. Our arm bands are made in the USA and available to help people around the globe.

Best Ways to Support Someone with Breast Cancer

Learning a friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer can cause a world of emotions and a complete loss for words. It’s easy to feel devastated and helpless, as well as unsure about how to support them in the most appropriate way. The truth is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach because everyone copes differently and you won’t truly know where they’re at emotionally, no matter how well you know them. They’ll already be overwhelmed with physical and emotional challenges, so it’s important to not inundate them with yours – just do your best to be mindful, compassionate, and practical. The band is a great gift for those that dont know what will help. Here are some general tips on how to help and be supportive of your friend or family member with breast cancer:

Center the conversation around what they need

Let them lead the discussion and give them space to provide you with feedback on your approach. Never dismiss their emotions, make assumptions, give them unsolicited advice, or share negative stories. Be sure to ask them when it’s most appropriate to call or visit.

Simply listen

Be present. Make yourself available. Feeling pressure to say the right words is common, but it’s usually best to just lend an ear. Even if they don’t feel like talking much about it, your presence and strength are sometimes all they need.

Offer practical but specific support

Many people want to carry on with a routine with as much ‘normality’ as possible, but treatments can wear them down physically and emotionally. Knowing how to help can be difficult, but “What can I do for you?” probably won’t be the most practical approach because asking for help isn’t always easy when they’re already overwhelmed. Try offering specific support such as cleaning, cooking, running errands, or babysitting so you’re both on the same page.

sherex girls

We’re in the Business of Giving Back

A breast cancer diagnosis is already overwhelming in and of itself. The physical and emotional tolls are enormous, not to mention the financial burden it can take. That’s why SHE REX is committed to giving back. We want to provide women with the opportunity to look beyond their diagnosis and their treatment so they can focus on what matters most – healing. We’re in this together.

Needing Strength & Tenacity Is Universal

You are stronger than you know, and sometimes building that strength means a commitment to recovery. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself more easily while going about your ongoing activities. To focus on the things most important to you without worrying about accidentally overextending a motion. That’s what SHE REX is all about, seamlessly and comfortably integrating into your daily routine – gently reminding you to keep movements within the best range for optimal recovery.

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